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23 September 2022

We left the house Monday to take a walk on a bright sunny day after a Sunday storm. We didn't have a destination in mind but when we saw some big white clouds puffing up over the houses all around us we knew we had to climb Twin Peaks to see the show.

If we were mesmerized by the clouds formations on that day, you can't blame us. We'd spent Sunday staring at our rain-splattered window as if we'd never seen precipitation before. The clouds were just the icing on the cake.

Or ice cream castles to hear Joni Mitchel sing it (which you can, below, while you watch the slide show even). Illusions, that is.

The two sides of clouds, she suggests, are illusion and reality. The stories we tell ourselves (that clouds are ice cream castles) to get through life and life itself imposing itself on us (the storms some clouds bring).

She confesses she can't make heads or tails of that.

Well, storms rain on us all and perhaps for no better reason than to ensure we are able to empathize with whoever has just been hit by them.

And who can get through life without telling a story, embellished where the truth eludes us? A little illusion, that is.

Ice cream castles in the air.

On our hike up Twin Peaks to photograph the clouds we were anything but imaginative. We were simply enthralled by the reality hovering above us, casting glory on our hopes of capturing it.

We didn't look for ice cream castles (even though they were there) and we didn't suffer from our failure to appreciate the difference between a cirrocumulus and a nimbostratus cloud (which might have destroyed our gear).

We just looked at the bright drifting formations blanketing the Bay area with wonder. As if we'd never seen a cloud at all.

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