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30 September 2022

The last time we visited Yosemite was May 2011. And yesterday afternoon. That's when we discovered a few images we had never processed because we thought they were less than impressive. Feel free to agree.

They were also among the earliest Olympus E-PL1 shots we took, long before the camera's operation became second nature to us.

That was part of the problem. We blew a few.

But we enjoyed revisiting the park through these images and we thought a modern edit in Lightroom Classic might show them to be better than we remembered.

Since we previously only showed some black-and-whites from that visit, we thought we'd do them in color.

One trick we've been trying lately, especially on edits we're not happy with even after our edits, is to click that Auto button. Sometimes we'll just do it for tonality, but sometimes for color too.

It's illuminating.

The sliders instantly jump all over the place like cockroaches at night when you turn on the kitchen light.

The results are never entirely acceptable. But they qualify as how-about-this suggestions. We moderate the ones we like and reset the ones we don't like with a double click.

It gives us something to think about, that's for sure.

So what did we end up with? Well, they're not postcards, although you'll find few familiar sites. And there are a few non-landscape gags among them. Because you can't go on a trip without a few gags.

And you can't return home without a few outtakes.

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