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1 October 2022

We've just archived Volume 11, Number 9 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 22 Features, 20 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 159 items of interest), no reviews and one site note for a total of 69 stories.

Of those, 32 stories included 158 images. We celebrated one holiday and published nine stories with specifications tables, a significant increase over recent months. News stories increased to 20 this month as a consequence.

We also mourned the passing of three photographers of special note.

We do have three reviews in progress and are sure to finish two of them shortly.

READERSHIP stats once again increased for unique sites, this time setting the high point for the year as we served three quarters of a million pages.

OUR TOP TEN STORIES so far are a nice mix of Horn columns, daily news, the Harold Chapman obituary and Adobe MAX photo track, all led by our slide show on The Prowler.

The move to macOS Monterey on unsupported hardware turned out to be our least smooth transition in many years.

ON OTHER FRONTS, it's been a trying month around here.

The move to macOS Monterey on unsupported hardware turned out to be our least smooth transition in many years.

We've had to abandon both Safari and Postbox in favor of Vivaldi (a Chrome-based browser) and Thunderbird (for email and feeds).

We first moved to Firefox, which has always been our second browser, but it simply isn't scriptable and we need a scriptable browser. We also tried Apple Mail (because there it is) but our archives are in a Thunderbird-compatible format that Mail, while it did import them, just didn't handle as adroitly as Thunderbird itself, which also keeps up on our news feeds, unlike Mail.

We don't really mind those two changes, although we'll miss Postbox (but not their infamous lack of support which took a week to stop feeding us scripted replies and deal with our crash-on-launch issue directly, finally admitting they had no solution).

It took a while to smooth out the Apache and PHP issues, as well, moving both to Homebrew installations. Which now also hosts ImageMagick.

It may seem foolish to have jumped from Catalina, whose Gatekeeper implementation we were not fond of, to Monterey. But we've done the work of upgrading to a more modern macOS before we were obliged to. And our Catalina installation had updates pending that were not compatible with our hardware anyway.

WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED with unusually good health ourselves since starting Photo Corners nearly 10 years ago, not missing a single day. But we are the primary care provider (and advocate) for two disabled seniors and both have had difficult medical care issues. One now involves untangling an obscure five-figure out-of-network billing and the other involves the county's sudden cessation of all essential homebound vaccinations.

There are days we wonder what we're doing with a camera in our hand.

But when the health care provider and county offices are closed for the evening and we've put away the dinner dishes and at last sit down in front of the monitor to see what we've captured that day, we're awfully glad we carried that camera around.

You cannot have enough beauty in this world.

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