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Friday Slide Show: An Airshow Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

7 October 2022

The Navy is in town for fleet week, which means the Blue Angels are roaring around scaring the blue jays. We hear them but we can't see them, thanks to our infamous fog.

So we're doing what we usually do when denied a first-hand experience. We just made one up. In this case we made up our own airshow.

We had the fortune of visiting a rather extensive private collection of small planes in upstate New York nine years ago. We wrote about one of its gems at the time. But we never treated you to everything we saw in those hangers.

Our nephew Brent drove us over to the two hangers, which were just huge metal sheds tucked into someone's nearby property. They were patrolled by a German Shepard that came out as soon as we pulled up.

"Don't worry about him," Brent reassured us. "He's the most frightened German Shepard you'll ever meet."

"Really?" we wanted confirmation.


And he was. No bark, not even a growl. And he kept his distance, observing us from far away as his owner Rodney arrived in a four-wheeler with his three kids to welcome us with a quick tour.

He graciously allowed us to take photos of his father's collection of Pipers, stunt planes, helicopters, trainers and the P-51 Mustang Never Miss.

The years have erased the juicy details. The names of the other planes, their place of origin, all that sort of thing.

But what remains are the nuts and bolts and decals and signs. The small things that make that world of 80 years ago come back to life.

For just a fraction of a second.

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