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11 October 2022

Several of the heavyweights in photo editing software have or are about to issue updates to their flagship products. Here's a brief rundown:


ON1 has released ON1 Photo Raw 2023 with a number of new features including:

  • Super Select AI to point at regions and objects to create a selection using artificial intelligence
  • Task Sharp AI for state-of-the art sharpening and deblurring that can handle both motion blur and out-of-focus shots
  • AI-Powered Adaptive Presets the adjust for subject, scene, animal, people and more
  • Content-Aware Crop can crop and straighten a photo, expanding the canvas and filling in the new edges realistically
  • Color Fringe Reduction to remove chromatic aberrations
  • Enhanced Sky Swap AI to adjust the angle of the sky and better match edges
  • Built-in Ocudrone Skies
  • New Camera and Lens Support


Capture One has promised an update to Capture One Pro from version 22 to version 23 in November.

But if you pre-upgrade now "you'll get an additional 20 percent off the usual discount of 33 percent you already have as a Capture One Pro license user." The pre-upgrade includes a license to Capture One Pro 22 which you can use immediately for that release and also for version 23 when released.

Capture One Pro 23 promises:

  • Reduced editing time with Smart Adjustments
  • Faster image culling
  • More control over editing with Layers in Styles
  • Accurate photo ordering for easier culling with the ability to change capture time
  • Sort variants easily in different albums for more efficiency


Photoshop updates are rarely reported because, as part of a Creative Cloud subscription, they usually occur without fanfare. But Adobe has released a couple of recent updates to the flagship photo editor prior to its MAX creativity conference next week.

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