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14 October 2022

Excire Foto 2.1.0 adds the ability to move and rename files, among other enhancements in the recent update, the company announced.


You can now easily move files and folders using the context menu or drag and drop. Via the context menu you can also create new folders and subfolders. Renaming files is really simple with the new Renaming profiles. You can create profiles with rules for new filenames that can be applied to all selected images with a single click. The new basename can be specified in more detail with a prefix or a suffix and can also be numbered sequentially.

Duplicate Finder introduced with Excire Foto 2022 has also been enhanced. Search results have been further improved by including the capture date in the search by default and a more precise search mode can be selected.


In addition to moving and renaming photos or folders and improvement of the duplicate finder, the 2.1.0 update brings even more enhancements, design optimizations and bug fixes.

The function Choose application in the Open with menu supports more applications and fixes Windows problems with Luminar.

The filter bar for sorting photos adds Recently added as a new sort option, image quality and navigation in preview mode have been improved and support for Apple ProRaw DNGs has been optimized.


The update, available directly from Excire, is free to owners of version 2.0.

Free Update for Excire Foto 2022

Many users had requested extended functions for renaming and moving photos and folders in order to manage and structure their image archive even better. With the free update to version 2.1.0., which is available now, these functions have been added to Excire Foto 2022. The new duplicate finder has also been improved and has received more setting options and filters.

The update will either be displayed automatically when you start Excire Foto 2022 or you can search for the update via the menu item "Help" -> "Check for updates."

The update is free of charge and requires Excire Foto 2022. If you own a previous version of Excire Foto (purchased version), you can update to Excire Foto 2022 for the upgrade price of €29.

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