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Adobe MAX Sneaks 2022 With Kevin Hart, Bria Alexander Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

27 October 2022

Adobe has published its Sneak Peeks 2022 hosted by Adobe Senior Design Program Manager Bria Alexander and celebrity sidekick Kevin Hart. Adobe engineers presented their work in progress, which included some fascinating magic tricks like editable shadows that were object aware in 2D images.

The full presentation is almost an hour and a half. While the liner notes don't include a timeline of the individual sneaks, one commenter has:

  • 8:05 -- Clever Composites
  • 14:02 -- Instant Add
  • 20:37 -- Magnetic Type
  • 29:40 -- Vector Edge
  • 37:35 -- Motion Mix
  • 46:58 -- Blink
  • 54:48 -- Artistic Scenes
  • 1:02:00 -- All of Me
  • 1:10:30 -- Beyond the Seen
  • 1:18:22 -- Made In The Shade

Made In The Shade is what we referenced above.

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