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Friday Slide Show: The Neighborhood Bewitched Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

28 October 2022

Once again were finding our neighborhoods bewitched in October. Walking around you'd think most of the neighborhood is employed in the theater arts.

We've got 29 images to back up our claim but we took 66 on just two days when the weather was not sunny and bright. And we didn't shoot everything we saw, either. We thought we were being judicious.

We were merely being lazy.

The main criteria we observed was to avoid merely commercial displays. So you won't see a lot of grave markers in today's slide show. You can't avoid commercial products, of course, but we gave points for using a hair dresser, costumer or makeup talent.

Halloween, around here, should really be in July.

We did consider the elements when we decided to shoot up the neighborhood. We thought we might get arrested if we went around at night with a flash attached to our camera. So we stuck to daylight.

And we chose a workday morning so actual human beings would not spoil the effect.

Moreover we waited for a foggy morning, although we didn't get the misty effect we sometimes get. But it's October, our Indian summer, when everyone is getting their house painted because the weather is so nice.

Halloween, around here, should really be in July.

That meant we were going to have a lot more fun editing the images. And we do mean a lot.

We made a few specific corrections to all the images, syncing the basics in Lightroom. Those involved dropping the exposure and using our preset we use for our antique digital camera.

Then we did a lot of edits to individual images. Which required not just the usual fiddling in Basic adjustments but also some magic from the HSL/Color panel and even some Color Grading.

There was also extensive cropping and, to go along with it, we relied on the Upright tool to straighten out most of them. But not all.

We weren't robotic about it. We were looking for -- what's the word -- a little magic.

It's our way of bewitching you. And wishing a happy and safe Halloween to you, too.

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