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11 November 2022

National holiday or not, we suspect votes are still being counted. Particularly on this national holiday, which celebrates the people who put aside their personal ambitions to serve their country.

Worn Military Gravestone. Chipped but not cracked. Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42mm II R kit lens at 28mm (56mm equivalent), f8, 1/1600 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

It's double duty for us, too, today. Fridays are slide show days. We thought of playing the national holiday card and taking the day off but seven years ago we managed to do both jobs, even throwing in an Around The Horn.

We were, perhaps, young and foolish then.

Nothing quite sobers a country like an election, though. The speculation ends abruptly. The call has been made. The cards shown.

Which is what national service is all about. Guaranteeing that the only people who have anything to say about what goes on around here are us. Americans.

We had that feeling again this election day. Sure, half the country was still chugging Kool-Aid but the ice had melted. The Russian bots weren't pushing our buttons. No nutcase on Twitter was moving the needle. People were making up their own minds. More and more of them.

And what they said is they have had enough of the nonsense. Get back to business.

"It's what we fought for," we imagine our veterans, past and present, saying.

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