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Friday Slide Show: Hyde St. Pier 2012 Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

18 November 2022

As we approach the 10 anniversary of Photo Corners on Dec. 10, we've been revisiting images we took 10 years ago. These are shoots that predate the Friday Slide Show, which has revisited old images with new software every now and then.

This Friday before Thanksgiving, we took a peek at some images captured on Nov. 24, 2012, when we visited the Hyde St. Pier with the family. We processed them in Lightroom Classic, which did a nice job on them.

The pier was where you drove onto a ferry to get to Sausalito in Marin County or Berkeley across the bay before the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge were built.

But these days it's part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park where you can visit various historical ships moored to the pier.

On our visit we saw a few of them. Moored there now are the Balclutha (an 1886 square rigged sailing ship), the C.A. Thayer (an 1895 schooner), the Eureka (an 1890 steam ferryboat), the Alma (an 1891 scow schooner), the Hercules (a 1907 steam tug) and the Eppleton Hall (a 1914 paddlewheel tug), among others.

There's even an open boat shop where you can see the care that goes into restoring these beauties of another age.

It is jarring to look at the images we took that day, which began with a visit to Ghirardelli Square. A lot happens to a family in 10 years.

In contrast, these old boats, which have weathered many storms in their day, are still seaworthy. They've been well cared for.

We suppose that is the lesson as we approach Thanksgiving. Take care of each other.

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