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Lori Grinker Awarded 2022 Bob & Diane Fund Grant Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

28 November 2022

The Bob & Diane Fund has announced photographer Lori Grinker as the 2022 grantee for her photography project All the Little Things.

All the Little Things. Lori Grinker's mother Audrey was the subject of her project.

This yearly photography grant is to support visual storytelling about Alzheimer's and dementia.

In an essay accompanying the project's images, Grinker writes that she was not close to her mother. In March 2020 she went to Florida to move her mother, now suffering from Alzheimer's, into an assisted living facility only to have that plan scuttled by Covid.

Instead, for the next three months I became her housemate, her cook and her caregiver. Instinctively I began photographing her doctor's visits (during this time, she was diagnosed with cancer), her meals, treatments and her pain. I began making small photographic series -- the food I prepared, waiting rooms, her neighborhood. As I packed up her apartment, I made still life images of the objects that brought us shared memories.

Photographing and talking about the objects in those images brought them closer together, she writes.

We're pleased to be able to present a selection of images from All the Little Things. The project, complete with descriptive captions, can be seen on the Bob & Diane Fund Grant page.

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