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Lensbaby to Host Third Shoot Extraordinary Conference Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

29 November 2022

Lensbaby has announced the third annual Shoot Extraordinary Conference will be held December 7 to 9. The free conference will feature tips by the top Lensbaby ambassadors from around the world as well as a special segment from Lensbaby founder and inventor Craig Strong.

Among the presenters are:

  • Tiffany Kelly on Modern Macro Photography
  • Emma Davis on Lensbaby Landscapes
  • Carol Holt on Double Exposure with Lensbaby
  • Annick Paradis on Manually Focusing With Moving Objects
  • Robert Pugh on Leveling Up Your Creativity
  • Jamie Konarski Davidson on Embracing 'What If' With Lensbabies
  • Regina Boston on Getting Creative With Seniors and Older Children
  • Sarah McEachern on Street Photography
  • Hollie Jeakins on Food Flat Lays With Lensbaby

Other presenters include Ute Reckhorn, Elizabeth Willson, Ally Frantz, Pablo Mende Garzona, Kate Hailey, Sofia Sitnikiene, Monica McClean and Hengki Lee.

Registration is required.

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