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Friday Slide Show: The Hood at Christmas Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

23 December 2022

We thought we might venture downtown again at last finally to snap a few shots of the city at Christmas but, you know, it just wasn't worth the risk. Flu and Covid infections are way up around here along with other respiratory infections, choking the hospitals again. And we have people to take care of.

But that didn't curtail our daily constitutional. And as we wandered around, getting our exercise, we made mental notes of decorations we wanted to revisit with a camera.

Why not take the camera on each walk? Well, we wanted the same lighting for everything to hold the slide show together. As if you could make this tour in half an hour.

One day on a mission to return a library book and, in the opposite direction, buy some super glue, we decided to set off with a camera and shoot our way through the list of neighborhood decorations. We (eventually) made it home to edit the Raw images, choosing four of them for our printed holiday cards, one of which we doctored quite a bit for our email card.

It was an oasis of fun during a hectic holiday week.

And the fun was extended when we fixed the prints to the embossed photocards one late afteroon and, after dinner, sat down with a brandy during ABC's broadcast of The Sound of Music to scribble a few words to various recipients.

If one only knew with what liquid those envelopes were sealed.

We had thought this collection of images proved the sophistication of our neighborhood's holiday decorations. But on an errand to a Big Box store to buy some AA batteries for Mom's portable radio, which keeps her awake during daylight hours, what do you think we found?

That white tree. Those iron reindeer (only one with antlers left). And, of course, the red C-clamp employed to hang a few garlands.

So that's where everything came from, we shook our head in disbelief. And then we laughed because there we were again believing in Santa Claus.

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