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1 August 2023

We've just archived Volume 12, Number 7 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 14 Features, 16 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 164 items of interest), no reviews and four site notes for a total of 57 stories.

We published 121 total images spread over 24 stories, two stories with gear specifications tables and one obit.

IT'S ABSURD to report readership numbers this month after Google slammed the site, downloading it entirely and repeatedly for several days until we blocked its access to the site for the rest of the month.

Otherwise we'd tell you we served over 1,302,766 pages and enjoyed a 229 percent increase in downloads.

More meaningful are the relative counts for the stories you read.

We're happy to report that nine of the top 10 stories were Around The Horn columns, our daily list of links to photography-related stories. They were only broken up by our story Postal Service to Release Life Magnified Stamps, which came in second.

AS HAPPY AS WE ARE about having a MacBook Pro M2 under our fingertips, we made another leap into the future this month by adopting Arc as our browser of choice.

There are two things we like about this Chromium-based alternative.

Bookmarks are represented in a column on the left of the browser, arranged in folders. You can have more than one of these columns (called spaces) which you can click or swipe to. And they're synced across devices.

The Finder-like presentation of bookmarks makes them a lot easier to access and optimized. We've been reorganizing our collection continually, making it faster to get where we want to go.

Safari did a nice job going to the next tab we wanted when we closed one. Vivaldi never did get that right despite it's numerous custom options. Arc makes it as trivial as clicking a link. You don't have to close anything because you aren't accumulating browser pages.

The other thing we really like about it (especially on small screens) is that layout. There is a shallow toolbar (optional) at the top but the clerical work most browsers reserve the top of the screen for is handled by that side panel. So you get a deeper browser window.

We've had Arc installed since November of last year but we just couldn't wrap our heads around it until one day, we imported our Vivaldi bookmarks. Then the light came on.

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