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3 August 2023

We have been wandering around all week in a state of exhaustion. So when we saw this pile of pillows, we pulled out our smartphone and lined up as square a shot as we could.

Pillows. iPhone 6 Plus at f2.2, 1/30 second and ISO 32. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

It didn't hurt that they were capped by our photo of guardian angels. There will be no bad dreams on these pillows.

But the image is a bit misleading.

Of the five pillows only one is used for rest. Two are used to elevate the feet off the bed to prevent any chafing of the heels on the bedsheet. And the other two are positioned on the side of the bed to serve as guard rails.

So it's not as glamorous at it appears.

But that, after all, is why we take pictures. To cast life's struggles in a different light.

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