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Friday Slide Show: Morning in the Bunker Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

4 August 2023

When we shot our series of the glass plate, which became last week's slide show, we angled the blinds so the sunlight had a clear shot to our staging area. When we mopped up afterwards, we left the blinds in that brighter position.

It's been dismally dark in the mornings thanks to a heavy marine layer which we prefer to refer to as fog. So letting as much light in as possible has made the bunker seem a bit more cheerful than the weather would suggest this week.

We like to keep it relatively dark in the bunker to evaluate our images more accurately. But we didn't have any images to work on in daylight this week, so it wasn't an issue.

Yesterday morning, we woke up tired, dragged ourselves over to the Capresso, made a cappuccino and skied down the stairs into the bunker to go through our email and the news to put up a Horn.

That's how we start the day.

But that day, the light stopped us. We looked around the place from our ancient office chair as if we'd never seen it before.

Well, we hadn't. Not in that light.

So we got the Nikon D300 out and bayonetted a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor onto it and lined up a few of the scenes our eyes come to rest on during day.

We shot wide open but there was noticeable flare making it hard to manually focus the lens. So we removed the Sky-1A filter and instantly the world was clear again. We reshot everything.

We were surprised to find, as we edited the images, that in most cases we preferred the flared image to the reshoot. So the slide show is a mix.

Which reflects in some small way the experience of leaving the unbridled adventures of our dreams for the unimaginable possibilities of the day.

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