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10 August 2023

As part of a recent acquisition of over 100 works of art, the San Francisco Museum of Art announced the expansion of its already strong photographic holdings.

The new photographic acquisitions include photographic suites and individual images by Sibylle Bergemann, Alejandro Cartagena, Lewis deSoto, Jess T. Dugan, Janna Ireland, Tom Jones, Tommy Kha, Justine Kurland, An-My Lè‚, Dionne Lee, Daido Moriyama, Nicholas Nixon, Ka-Man Tse and Daisuke Yokota.

"SFMOMA's collecting strategies are focused on enhancing and expanding the narratives that we can tell in our galleries," said Christopher Bedford, SFMOMA's Helen and Charles Schwab Director. "The artists represented by our most recent acquisitions push the boundaries of what it means to create and experience art. Their practices reflect both formal innovation and an engagement with the lived contexts that shape our daily lives.

"I am grateful to our curatorial team for their vision in further developing SFMOMA's collection and look forward to seeing these incredible works in our galleries."


Among the highlights of the new photographic acquisitions is a suite of 16 portraits by by Marcel Pardo Ariza from 2022 titled I Am Very Lucky, Very Lucky to be Trans.

Marcel Pardo Ariza. 'I am Very Lucky, Very Lucky to be Trans' installation at SFMOMA. Photo by Katherine Du Tiel.

Marcel Pardo Ariza (b. 1991) is a visual artist and educator who explores the relationship between queer and intergenerational kinship through constructed photographs, color sets, site-specific installations and public programming. Ariza's practice is guided by a vision to archive trans history, uplift collective care and challenge the boundaries of photography.

I Am Very Lucky, Very Lucky to Be Trans was featured in SFMOMA's recent 2022 SECA Art Award Exhibition as a large-scale photo installation that appropriated the visual vocabulary of Catholic polyptychs and queer nightlife aesthetics. The acquired suite of 16 photographic portraits shows 33 trans, intersex and gender-nonconforming activists and cultural leaders from the Bay Area.

The work highlights and celebrates the strength of Bay Area activism in the ongoing struggle for LGBTQIA+ rights and visibility. It is the first work by Ariza to enter SFMOMA's collection and reflects the museum's commitment to both supporting local artists and expanding the range of LGBTQIA+ voices represented in the museum's holdings.

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