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Friday Slide Show: Canopies of Dew Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

11 August 2023

There are a lot of places we used to go in the city that we just haven't been back to for a while. The pandemic was the big reason. We used to get there by bus and public transit is a bad idea during a pandemic. Moreover, we have no inclination to drive to a spot where parking is frustrating if not impossible.

But one place we've neglected to visit much lately is just a few steps out the back door. Our excuse for not taking a peek at the garden has been the weather. Blustery wind, cold fog, miserable conditions.

So we took a look yesterday morning before we had a chance to argue ourselves out of it.

What we found was an enchanted world of jeweled canopies climbing up the rosemary bush. As we looked around we found more of them everywhere.

Spider webs covered in dew.

We grabbed the Nikon D300 with the repaired 18-200mm Nikkor, set the aperture at f5.6 and shot away, focusing manually on the droplets of dew. We weren't sure we'd get anything.

We made a note to try it again at f11 but meanwhile the intriguing issue was color.

We used Adobe Color in Camera Raw for this rendering, which saturates things a bit. But this is precisely the kind of scene you expect to be saturated. A wet garden. Switching to Adobe Standard made us feel like we were looking at everything in the dull light of a dry afternoon.

This morning we dashed out to the garden to try again at f11 and with a macro converter.

You won't see any of those images, though. The canopies of dew had simply become spider webs with no jewels at all.

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