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1 September 2023

We've just archived Volume 12, Number 8 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 13 Features, eight commented News stories, 27 Editor's Notes (which included 166 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 50 stories.

Of those, 16 stories contained 98 images, three stories included gear specifications tables and we published one obituary.

A year ago, in contrast, we published 56 stories with the six additional stories all being Features. That was almost the same situation two years ago. Something about August, apparently. People must go on vacation.

Can't blame them. It's the only month without a holiday.

We didn't go on vacation. But we were unusually unable to spend much time with our cameras. We shot more with our phone (16 shoots) than our camera (seven shoots) this month, which is a first.

We intend to retire our venerable iPhone 6 Plus in a few weeks. Its version of iOS is no longer supported by many of the apps we have used.

WE BANISHED GOOGLE from visiting or indexing the site for the entire month. You'd think that would hurt our numbers but they look a lot like June before Google's assault on our site in July.

Visits were actually up 112 percent (well, Photo Corners makes good vacation reading) and Pages Served was up 104 percent over July even though we published seven fewer stories this month.

We'll have to let Google reindex the site for the August stories, but we're inclined to block it after it does. Use any other search engine to get the latest or, even better, use Mike's Text Search from the Find button. It's always the most complete information.

OUR TOP TEN STORIES were all Around The Horn columns. In fact, 16 of the top 20 were.

We have no problem with that. We spend a lot of time each morning scouring the Web for interesting items for that column and we very much enjoy collecting them. We're glad to see you think they're worth a peek as well.

We have some criteria for inclusion that eliminates most of what gets published these days. But it's not hard and fast. We make exceptions. The only real rule is that we have to have found it worth our time to suggest it's worth yours.

So what were the four stories that broke into the top 20?

Our matinee The Face Forward Project about the Chicago Department of Public Health's 2021 campaign to promote Covid vaccinations, the obit for Patrick Hamilton, our matinee about Irish photographer Pete Smyth who documents his neighborhood and, rising quickly (for good reason), our matinee CafeĢ Americano.

We suspect the fourth matinee of the month didn't make it into the top 20 merely because we only published it a few days ago.

Don't miss it.

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