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Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day

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4 September 2023

Since it's a holiday and we don't work on holidays, we asked GPT-3.5 to tell us the importance of Labor Day in 2023.

St. Francis Nurses. A photo of the staff from long ago in the lobby of St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco.

It must have been taking the day off too because all it could come up with was this grammar school crib:

Labor Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States. It is a day to honor and recognize the contributions and achievements of workers. In 2023, Labor Day is important as it provides a day off for workers to relax and spend time with their families. It also marks the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of the fall season.

We aren't working today or we'd give it a C-. No mention of the movement for a decent minimum wage for tipped workers, the writers/actor strike, new unionization efforts, the return of child labor ... oh, wait, we're not working today.

The line in that AI text that got to us, though, was the implication that workers get the day off. That isn't entirely true.

Today Joyce's home nurse will stop by at 10 a.m. to check her vitals, inventory our supplies and change her wound dressing, just as she does every Monday. And not just for Joyce. She has a full day of that all over the city.

Later today, we'll visit Mom at the skilled nursing facility where the CNAs, LVNs and RNs won't be the only people working the holiday. The housekeeping staff and kitchen staff will labor through the day as well.

Not to mention everyone working at all those retail outlets touting their Labor Day sales. Or restaurant workers. Or ... but we're not working today.

For a better appraisal of workers on Labor Day this year, we refer you to A Proclamation on Labor Day, 2023.

Turns out President Biden is working today, too.

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