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7 September 2023

Rocky Nook has announced Take the Luck Out of Landscape Photography with PhotoPills, an online masterclass with Glenn Randall exploring the mobile-only photo-planning app.

PhotoPills provides comprehensive data on the sun, moon, Milky Way, meteor showers, solar eclipses and lunar eclipses, all plotted on a detailed map or satellite photo.

When you arrive at a shooting location, PhotoPills uses your device's camera and augmented reality to project on your device's screen a live view of the land in front of you with the position of the sun, moon and Milky Way superimposed on the sky as they will appear on the date and time you choose.

In addition to its planning tools, PhotoPills also offers depth of field and hyperfocal-distance calculators, a field-of-view calculator and more.


Tasks to be covered include:

  • Determine the azimuth (direction) and time of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and Milky Way galactic center rise and set for any day, almost anywhere on the planet.
  • Determine where the luminous band of the Milky Way will intersect the horizon and the maximum height of the Milky Way band as it crosses the sky.
  • Use augmented reality while in the field to visualize where the sun, moon and Milky Way will appear in the sky at the selected time and date.
  • Plan shots of meteor showers, lunar eclipses and solar eclipses.
  • Calculate depth of field and hyperfocal distance and use augmented reality to help visualize your results.
  • Determine what focal-length lens you need for different compositions using a field of view calculator.
  • Determine equivalent exposures for different ISOs, apertures, shutter speeds and ND filter strengths.
  • Visualize the length of star trails for a given total exposure time.
  • Determine equivalent focal lengths and depths of field for different sensor sizes.


Randall's work has been included in calendars for Audubon, Avalanche, Barnes & Noble, Brown Trout, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and Runner's World. His images have been published in Audubon, GEO, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, SKI, Los Angeles Times Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, New York Times Magazine and many others.

He has authored over 200 magazine articles and 11 books, including three best-selling books with Rocky Nook: The Art, Science and Craft of Great Landscape Photography (1st and 2nd Editions) and Dusk to Dawn: A Guide to Landscape Photography at Night.


The two-hour class will be held from 10 to noon on Sept. 21. The $75 ticket price is discounted to $50 until Sept. 6 at 11:59 PT. Online enrollment is now open.

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