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8 September 2023

We took a few shots of the de Young Museum itself in 2012, which we converted to black-and-white and left percolating on our desktop for a few months hoping to find some companion images.

We liked these but there were only three of them and we knew we had more images of the exterior of this unique copper-clad building.

But the other night we spent a little while digging into the three that we had and found more than one image in each of them. Pictures within the picture.

So we cropped them into a set of triptychs. The full image after the two crops.

We might have done as much when we were standing there in 2012 but the problem then was simple. Our lens didn't permit such a thing. So we ended up with the best possible composition it would allow.

But it wasn't until we pulled them up, one by one, in Lightroom that we noticed a few smaller details worthy of their own composition.

In any image editing software, the Crop tool beats limitations of a mechanical zoom. You just have to make sure your final crop has enough pixels for your display size (here it's only 800 pixels in the long dimension). So we were able to compose other images from the originals.

It's an interesting exercise. Give it a shot.

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