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1 May 2024

We've just archived Volume 13, Number 4 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 16 Features, seven commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 166 items of interest) and one site note for a total of 50 stories.

Of those, 19 stories include 104 images and two feature gear specifications. There were no holidays and no obituaries. A light month.

That represents quite a dropoff from even last year, in fact. In 2023 we published 65 stories in April with 24 Features and 13 News Stories. Twice as many news stories, in short.

READERSHIP, however, was markedly up. Even thought we were peeking at them before the final numbers for the month were in.

Have we've become a secret society of photo enthusiasts?

Unique sites jumped 122 percent while pages served jumped 137 percent. And visits increased 134 percent. All while delivering fewer stories than usual.

And this, we hasten to add, without the help of Google.

We blocked Google from indexing the site months ago when its constant downloading of the entire site (multiple times a day) threatened to use up our allocated bandwidth within the first days of the month.

We haven't missed such rude, inconsiderate, irrational behavior.

Of course, if you use any of the major search engines (many of which seem dependent on Google), you won't find any of our content in the results. Have we've become a secret society of photo enthusiasts?

Apparently. But enthusiasts we are.

TOP STORIES for the month were mostly Around The Horn columns, which we never mind. But the top 10 was led by our matinee Joan Myers -- Fire & Ice. Our March archive story came in fifth (which set a record) and our Baby Shoes feature right behind it in sixth.

We are kind of fond of the Baby Shoes story ourselves.

You could enjoy it as a candid personal reflection or cultural observation. Or you could savor the moral of the story. "The Shoe of the Baby Determines the Foot of the Adult." What you do today affects what happens tomorrow.

We liked that mix of personal, cultural and philosophical. There's something there in just that one story for everyone.

And you don't need Google to search for it.

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