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2 May 2024

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at campus protests, workers, Amy Selwyn, Calabria, a sea lion party, SD cards, Lens Blur, Chromakeying and Epson's Pano awards.

  • Gail Fletcher, Julius Constantine Motal and Erum Salam collate Student Photographers' Best Images of the Campus Protests. "We asked nine photographers -- who have been covering the demonstrations at Columbia, Berkeley, the University of Texas and beyond -- to tell the stories behind their most powerful photos,' they write.
  • In Workers Rule the Streets on May Day, the Associated Press notes, "For one day, workers ruled the world's biggest streets." But adds, "Most will return to their jobs Thursday."
  • Suzanne Sease features Limens, the personal project of Amy Selwyn. "Each photograph, though distinct in its subject -- a cathedral's vault, a fog-wrapped forest, a solitary bathtub and a church standing sentinel in a hazy expanse -- shares a common thread of contemplation and consideration," she writes. A limen is "a sensory threshold of a physiological or psychological response," Selwyn writes. "In Limens, I am exploring the dreamlike, memory-imbued qualities of physical spaces."
  • In Calabria: A Photographer's Undiscovered Treasure Trove, Rad Drew writes about his trip to the southernmost tip of the Italian peninsula. Stunning black-and-white and color images, both. "The photos shared here were made with the Fuji X-T4 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max," he writes.
  • Rachel Scheier reports There's a Sea Lion Party Going on at Pier 39 Right Now and Estefany Gonzalez has the photos to prove it. Over 1,000 of them were sunbathing Monday afternoon before their trip south to their mating grounds in Southern California‚Äôs Channel Islands.
  • Where Do All the Cards and Pens Go? Mike Johnston wonders. He's shopping for new SD cards after his recent office move netted him six old ones. "The six cards I have are limping along pretty good, but just looking at them together makes me realize I should sweep away the old and bring in the new," he writes.
  • Kirk Tuck tries out Photoshop's Lens Blur. "I was very impressed with how well the software detected the sharp intention in the front and then interpreted where the background blur was needed," he writes. We used the beta last July for one shot in our Friday Slide Show: Infrastructure and liked what we got but it was a tougher ask than Tuck's image with deep depth of field from a wide angle phone shot.
  • Zach Sutton has put together A Brief History of Chromakeying, which dates back over 100 years, he writes, long before video was invented.
  • Early bird submissions are now being accepted for the Epson International Pano Awards. You can enter five or more images at one time with a 20 percent discount on the $22 entry fee.

More to come! Meanwhile, here's a look back. And please support our efforts...

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