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10 May 2024

To escape the cold wind, we hiked over the hill to Noe Valley one afternoon this week. It had been a while since we walked down 24th Street and the changes were alarming.

The bookstore had closed and the T-shirt shop had become a wedding dress place by appointment only, among other things. We were disappointed to see a favorite gift store disappear only to find it further down the street.

We even got a nice shot of a hill for once.

There is always something to see, though. Some detail like a fish mosaic at the entrance of a seafood place or an old fan above a shop's front door.

We even got a nice shot of a hill for once.

Hills are difficult to convey in two dimensions. We watched a group of young tourists at the foot on the steepest part of one hill pose with the hill as their backdrop. Then the two young men raced themselves to the top, gasping.

We took a more sedate approach, lining up a yellow house so the verticals were straight and letting the hill running in front of it and the power lines above the sidewalk tell the story.

It was a fun excursion. And there was no wind, either.

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