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1 June 2024

We've just archived Volume 12, Number 5 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 15 Features, 13 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 192 items of interest), one review and two site notes for a total of 57 stories.

Of those, 24 stories contained 123 images, we marked one holiday and published six stories with gear specifications.

Is it just us or was that the fastest month in history? It seems like April was just last week.

We may have been stretched a little thin with more mundane duties this month (as our features suggest) but we had time to squeeze in a little review of the latest Lightroom release.

It seems like April was just last week.

The trouble with these incremental updates of subscription software is that unless you use the product routinely, you don't appreciate the significant revisions. This time around, we caught the wave and let you know about it.

WE'RE A DAY SHORT of the full tally but our readership numbers show a 113 percent increase in unique sites, although our other stats are lagging a bit behind if up from two months ago.

Our top story was about the launch of the Nikon creators partnership program but it was immediately followed by our Lightroom review. And not far behind was our slide show of Pacifica Gardens. Our Hasselblad wide angle lens story followed and rounding out the top five was our story about the Pulitzers for photography.

Notably, all of those stories were published in the first week of the month except the Lightroom review. So we're seeing a lot of interest in what some might call old news. We tend to think of it as important news that will keep until you have time to catch up with it.

AS WE WROTE in our one Site Tweak story, "It's just astonishing to us how helpful utilities like search engines have become so corroded that they are all now at best incompetent and at worst misleading."

We could blame AI but it's more obviously greed and stupidity. Fortunately, we're surviving without the help of search engines bringing the curious to our site. And if you remain curious on our site, we have our own site search code that is far more comprehensive than anything else.

Survival, however, is not what we're about. Photo Corners is about "enhancing the enjoyment of taking pictures," as we like to say. Because, you know, it's that sort of thing that sustains us even in the toughest of times.

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