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12 June 2024

In a blog entry posted by Scott Belsky and Dana Rao, Adobe clarified changes it intends to make to its Terms of Use after recent "concerns about what these terms are and what they mean to our customers."

The company made five key points, which we quote verbatim:

  • You own your content. Your content is yours and will never be used to train any generative AI tool. We will make it clear in the license grant section that any license granted to Adobe to operate its services will not supersede your ownership rights.
  • We don't train generative AI on customer content. We are adding this statement to our Terms of Use to reassure people that is a legal obligation on Adobe. Adobe Firefly is only trained on a dataset of licensed content with permission, such as Adobe Stock and public domain content where copyright has expired.
  • You have a choice to not participate in our product improvement program. We may use usage data and content characteristics to improve your product experience and develop features like masking and background removal among others through techniques including machine learning (NOT generative AI). You always have the option of opting out of our desktop product improvement programs.
  • The licenses we require to operate and improve our products on your behalf should be narrowly tailored to the activities needed. The licenses required to operate our products on your behalf use the standard statutory copyright rights but will now include plain English examples of what they mean and why they are required. We will also separate out and further limit the licenses required to improve our products and emphasize the opt-out option. We will reiterate that, in no case do these license grants transfer ownership of your content to Adobe.
  • Adobe does not scan content stored locally on your computer in any way. For content that you upload to our servers -- like all content-hosting platforms -- Adobe automatically scans content you upload to our services to ensure we are not hosting any child sexual abuse material. If our automated system flags an issue, we will conduct a human review to investigate. The only other instances where a human will review your content is upon your request (per a support request) if it is posted to a public facing site or to otherwise comply with the law.

The company said its updated Terms of Use will be released next week. They "will be more precise, will be limited to only the activities we know we need to do now and in the immediate future and uses more plain language and examples to help customers understand what they mean and why we have them."

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