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Of all the stories we tell on this site, the stories of the lives of those photographers who have passed on are the most inspiring. The story of every human life is different but we can most appreciate those who have toiled in the same fields as we do.

Nobody ever had it easy but everybody had a ball. And looking back at their lives teaches us how to carry on.

The thumbnails that you'll find with each obituary on the year pages is part of our homage to these photographers. It seems to us that this chance to describe the arc of a person's life and achievement is also an opportunity to look more closely at their work. So we start with an image of theirs that we like and crop in a detail that says something about their life and work. We never manipulate the image, other than to crop it.

If you're looking for a specific photographer, use the Full List option and your browser's Find command.

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Joseph Bartscherer

Jürgen Schadeberg

Dan Budnik

Matt Herron

Fiona Adams

Paul Fusco

Margaret Morton

Li Zhensheng

Elsa Dorfman

John Loengard

Astrid Kirchherr

John Pfahl

Peter Beard

Anthony Causi

Victor Skrebneski

Boris Yaro

Santu Mofokeng

Bill Ray

  2 0 1 9  

Christine Jean Chambers

Ken Heyman

Raeanne Rubenstein

Stuart Heydinger

Michael Putland

Terry O'Neill

Robert Freeman

Sally Soames

Jill Freedman

Gianfranco Gorgoni

Charlie Cole

Fred Herzog

Robert Frank

Peter Lindbergh

Steve Hiett

Barbara Crane

Ida Wyman

John Shearer

Michael Wolf

Ed Westcott

Peter B. Kaplan

Vivian Cherry

Wil Riera

Yannis Behrakis

Guy Webster

Walter Chandoha

  2 0 1 8  

Desmond Boylan

Marc Hauser

Jim Hughes

Michael A. Smith

Michael Paul Smith

Sy Kattelson

Jacqueline Hassink

Gérald Bloncourt

Bob Stinnett

Jean Mohr

Milton Gendel

Ara Güler

Henry Wessel Jr.

Ruby Washington

Erich Lessing

David Goldblatt

Clemens Kalischer

David Douglas Duncan

Sam Nzima

Art Shay

Shah Marai

Polixeni Papapetrou


Max Desfor

Nabile Quenum

  2 0 1 7  

Don Hogan Charles

Bob Seidemann

Patrick Nagatani

Mel Rosenthal

Virginia Thoren

Pete Turner

Arlene Gottfried

Gösta Peterson

Richard Benson

Hope Ryden

Gary Friedman

Marie Cosindas

Stanley Greene

Don Hunstein

Ren Hang

David Rubinger

Chuck Stewart

Lennart Nilsson

Antony Armstrong-Jones

Martha Swope

  2 0 1 6  

Howard Bingham

Rodney Smith

William Christenberry

Joe Marquette

Tim Mantoani

Nathan Lyons

Marc Riboud

Bill Cunningham

Fan Ho

Charles Kelly

David Gilkey

Malick Sidibe

Bob Adelman

Gary Braasch

Leila Alaoui

  2 0 1 5  

Hilla Becher

Tony Gleaton

Charles Harbutt

Harold Feinstein

Mary Ellen Mark

Dan Farrell

  2 0 1 4  

Jane Brown

Phil Stern

Michel du Cille

Arthur Leipzig

Lewis Baltz

David Armstrong

René Burri

Alfred Wertheimer

Ray Metzker

Lida Moser

Uwe Steinmueller

Bunny Yeager

Camille Lepage

Leee Black Childers

Dave Martin

  2 0 1 3  

John Dominis

Saul Leiter

Jack Mitchell

Editta Sherman

Deborah Turbeville

Bill Eppridge

Bert Stern

Helen Brush Jenkins

Abigail Heyman

Wayne Miller


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