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A Concept
April 9th, 2008   


In Regina McCombs’s essay on video editing, she quotes NBC News Editor John Hyjek, “We dream in dissolves, we think in cuts.”


Today this site evolved with cuts. We cut away from “blog” to “phog” (fog) to emphasize 1) images are central to it and 2) we have no idea where we’re going.


We do know what we’re doing, though. Experimenting.


One form of experimentation that has evolved through one dissolve or another is the phoku, a single image accompanied by three lines of text. The text captions the photo in the same way the photo illustrates the text. Neither stands alone but together they make a much stronger impression.


A phoku is fun to create and, frankly, not terribly demanding. May it spread like the wind.

Image and text copyright 2022 by Michael Roy Pasini. All rights reserved.

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