Il Giorno


One form of experimentation that has evolved through one dissolve or another is the phoku, a single image accompanied by three lines of text. The text captions the photo in the same way the photo illustrates the text. Neither stands alone but together they make a much stronger impression.

About Mike


A native San Franciscan, Mike roamed Europe in a VW van with several high school classmates, lived in Liguria for four months, spent some time on a kibbutz in Israel and settled down between Twin Peaks and Mt. Davidson in his home town.


To persuade himself that Italian is his native tongue, he has translated works by Anna Banti, Italo Calvino, Mario Soldati and other modern Italian authors. His special project was to translate a fable or three of Gianni Rodari every time some niece or sister-in-law became pregnant. The Collected Works are now available for nothing more than an ultrasound.


Contrary to popular conception (one good joke deserves another), he has no interest whatsoever in photography. Instead, he prefers to dabble in medicine and auto mechanics, which have more than a few parallels.


And yet he still thrives.


What is a Phog?


A phog (fog) is a derivative of a Web log that is primarily photographic, saving a great deal of typing. On this phog, you’ll find a sequence of phoku — single photographic images accompanied by text restricted to three lines.


Phoku is an experimental art form. Its two essential elements are perhaps not the whole story.


About Copyright


All the photos and all the text you see on this site are copyrighted by Mike. All rights are reserved.


You’ll see a copyright notice at the bottom of every page and copyright notices with each piece, as well. The images also have tags in the header with the copyright information.


This means you do not have permission to use them in any way. It’s as simple as that. No exceptions.