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6 April 2013

Phil Harvey has posted ExifTool v9.25, the first production release since v9.13 on Jan. 10. The small download is available three formats, including a Windows executable and Macintosh OS X package.

In addition to the production releases, Harvey posts regular updates to ExifTool to handle new cameras and newly-decoded tags. His site includes an encyclopedia of Exif Tag Names in addition to extensive documentation and links to other resources.

Along with the usual list of improvements, Harvey added this note:

Patched decoding of QuickTime date/time tags to accommodate Samsung and Sony cameras that use an incorrect time zero of 1970 instead of 1904. This patch will only work for videos produced before 2036, so hopefully Samsung and Sony will fix this problem at their end before then (care to place a wager?)

We rely on the Perl library to write copyright information into the Exif header of our JPEGs and into DNG files. We also use it to read Exif header information. Our Services page includes a blow-by-blow account of building an OS X contextual menu service using ExifTool.

And we've written about using the tool to reset time and date information on your images, as well. It's really the Swiss Army knife of Exif data.

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