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6 April 2013

One of the problems with a rolling headline format like our Headlines page is that stories, well, roll out of view. So when we add an editorial update or a comment, you would never know. Well, now you will.

New Tooltip. Just run your mouse over any + sign (or tap it quickly on your tablet) to see what's new in that story.

There are various approaches to this (like a story about updated stories) but we thought a simple little flag on the headline would do the trick. So if, in scrolling down the headline list, you see an ordinary plus sign at the right end of a headline bar, just roll your move over it to see if we've added a comment, updated the editorial or both.

It's a little trickier to see the tooltip on a tablet. A quick tap does the trick, though. And if your tap is too long, well, no harm done, you're just taken to the story.

One of the nice side-effects of this enhancement is that you can simply use your browser's search tool to hunt down the + signs. There's just one at the moment on the current headline list (it's a good one), but there are some on the 2013 list (with January and February stories) and even a few on the 2012 list (with December stories).

And if this all seems like too much work, remember you can just visit the Archive page to see the site as a monthly publication.

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