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A Photo Ninja Sunset

28 December 2012

Ingredients: one storm coming off the Pacific, setting sun. Fiddle briefly with the defaults, reduce, serve immediately.

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Exposure 4 to the Rescue

27 December 2012

logo When her last surviving parent passed away, Auntie came into possession of the family photographs. But, as she had all her life, she thought of her little sister and asked us to make copies for her. Which meant photographing the prints and making new ones in our bathroom darkroom.

That's how you shared images 25 years ago.

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How To Enjoy 'Photo Corners' +

27 December 2012

When we designed 'Photo Corners,' we decided we didn't want to oblige ourselves to post something every day. Having run a daily news site for the insurance industry in the last century, we already knew it really isn't a one-man job. Nearly every day was going to be plenty.

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Madbits Momentsia Makes Real-Time iOS Collages

21 December 2012

With the release this week of Momentsia by Madbits, the camera in your iOS device learned a new trick. And, even better, it's so simple to use you don't have to learn it. So even old dogs can do it.

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Adobe Acquires Behance

20 December 2012

Adobe has acquired Behance, a social media platform for creatives that hosts over three million projects. The acquisition brings a vibrant creative community of over a million members to Adobe's Creative Cloud, which itself stands to profit from the Behance platform.

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Making Holiday Photo Cards

20 December 2012

One of the rituals that warms up the holidays for us is sending cards to family members and old friends we don't get to see much during the year. For years now, we've made our own photo cards. And oddly enough, we always look forward to it.

That's probably because it really is a ritual, not a task.

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Adobe Turns Revel Free

19 December 2012

logo In the Good News Dept. today, Adobe has lifted the $5.99 subscription to Revel, its online photo sharing and collaborative editing software for tablets and desktops.

The new free version of the service, which replaces the 30-day trial, gives you:

  • Unlimited photo import during the first 30 days
  • A cap of 50 photos imports per month

A premium version of the service (Revel Premium for $5.99 a month) provides two benefits:

  • Import more than 50 photos a month
  • Automatically import photos added to the Camera Roll on your iPhone or iPad

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The Three Angels of Exposure

18 December 2012

If you look for them, they aren't hard to find. Angels, that is.

No, they don't exist, but they're easy to find (especially on this site). You don't even have to look if you're talking about your own personal guardian angel. Those angels just lurk. All the time.

If you've been wary (let's say) of using Manual mode on your camera, you might be interested to learn there are a few angels lurking there, too. We like to think of them as the Three Angels of Exposure.

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How Not To Create A Conditional Action

14 December 112

Our expertise has been finely honed over the years. We're now capable of screwing anything up on the first try. Wasn't always that way. But as a reviewer, you have to adapt. And we have.

We like writing code like some people like playing World of Warcraft. So when Adobe dropped an If statement into Photoshop CS6 v13.1, we had to try it.

Photoshop is scriptable, so we can't really complain that the company only dropped an If statement (and not a few more tools) in the latest version available to Creative Cloud subscribers. But forgive us for hoping this could be the beginning of something big. Or bigger, at least.

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How to Spell 'Raw' +

14 December 2012

Any publication, even one as unpretentious as this, has to settle a few usage issues to get on with the show. We call this house style as it develops into a collection of such things.

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Holiday Shopping Advice

13 December 2012

A week ago Thom Hogan suggested Nikon FX buyers hold onto their wallets at least until this weekend.

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Flashpoint 500 LED Light +


12 December 2012

You know they're coming because you've seen them on the street. As red, yellow and green LED traffic lights, that is. But recently LED lighting has been showing up as lighting equipment.

There are a couple of obvious benefits.

First, they're hot lights not strobes. So after you set them up, you can actually see what shadows the light casts and change the quality of the light.

Second, they aren't really hot at all. They remain cool to the touch. So your model doesn't start to sweat or melt under a bank of them.

And they do come in banks.

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A Comment on Comments

12 December 2012

Designing this publication has been a thrill (one enhanced by our decision to do it in just a few days). The indispensable ingredient has been having a guiding principal, the wall to which the spaghetti should stick, so to speak.

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Leveling Up With Creative Cloud


11 December 2012

As Photoshop Product Manager Zorana Gee told us at a briefing in November, this is the first time Photoshop has been updated with new features within six months of a major release.

There have been plenty of smaller stealth improvements since Creative Suite 6 was released. But every once in a while, apparently, you have to draw some attention to yourself or nobody will applaud.

Although there should be 200,000 subscribers, 80 percent of whom have chosen an annual plan, pretty happy about the new powers they are acquiring today. That's the number of paid members Adobe has already collected.

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Wait a Minute ...


10 December 2012

It would almost always catch us by surprise. We'd advance the film on our Nikon FM2 only to find out we'd already taken the last shot.

Sometimes that happens in life, too.

After 13 years as the editor of the Imaging Resource Newsletter, we have parted ways. It's going one way, we're going another.

We wish the company well and remain grateful for the opportunity to discuss our passion for getting the picture with each reader who welcomed such a long email every two weeks in their inbox.

But as we used to tell our (usually) patient subject when we realized we had to put a new roll of film in the camera, "Wait a minute!"

Because we aren't done yet.

And this publication is our way of continuing to discuss our passion for getting the picture. We have several reviews in progress, covering tablet software, new image editing software for the desktop, LED lighting and more.

And this is where you'll be able to read about it.

So we hope you'll join us as we publish here at Photo Corners. If you like the idea, support us with a sponsorship or a subscription. Both come with some benefits right away and more to follow.

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