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Reviews of photography products that enhance the enjoyment of taking pictures. Published frequently but irregularly.

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1 June 2013

Late last night we updated the Archive with May's stories. And we spent a little time tuning the site, too. But that's not all.

In May we published 40 stories, of which 7 were features, 4 reviews and 9 our one-link Around The Horn articles with links to 36 items of interest. If you're reading the RSS feed, you see the subjects of each Horn article in the summary so you can quickly decide if you want to look further.

At the same time we inadvertently (ahem) conducted a readership test in which we discovered nearly double the total visits to the site over April. Thank you.

As for the site tuning, we've tinkered with the links on our various index pages, which include the Archive, the 2012 Archive and the 2013 Archive. We've made the link hover a little more obvious and enforced a left to right chronological scheme on the archive links that's a little easier to follow.

The big news, though, is that we delivered our 390-page ebook of 134 essays (a $24.95 value) to our subscribers. And at the prompting of one curious reader, we delineated benefits for the various levels of voluntary subscriptions.

This month we'll finally get to our report on the Benson method of making fine art prints, take some video at a wedding and, well, keep fighting the good fight. Stay tuned!

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