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Jardine Releases Free Lightroom 5 B&W/Split Toning Video Tweet This   Forward This

24 July 2013

George Jardine has just released a free video on Black & White and Split Toning in Lightroom 5. It's the ninth video in his new series on Lightroom 5, which he said he expects to complete shortly.

"If you have not yet purchased my Lightroom 4 Develop videos," he advises, "you can do that now, get access to the entire set, and ... get a free upgrade to the streaming version of the LR5 Develop videos, when they come out in a few days."

His previously released Image Correction Master Class video series, which we reviewed recently, "was scripted from the ground up for LR5, and touches on almost every new control in the LR5 Develop module."

For more information, visit Jardine's tutorials page.

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