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28 July 2013

George Jardine is offering his Catalog Management & Location Workflow series free with the purchase of his new $29.95 Lightroom 5 Develop series. But the deal is for today only.

"The new Develop video series for Lightroom 5 is ready to go," Jardine announced. "This time I've expanded the series to 23 videos with over 6.5 hours of instruction, music and great examples to help you master the new Develop controls."

We're big fans of Jardine's Lightroom video tutorials. They're full-screen, look-over-my-shoulder screencasts that are so well scripted you actually understand the concepts and, uh, remember them.

Lightroom tends to mystify. The idea of using a database that records image correction recipes instead of manhandling an original image is one issue. But how to actually look at an image and then improve it is an even bigger hurdle because it takes a while to educate your eye.

Jardine's Image Correction Master Class video series, which we reviewed recently takes care of the second problem at warp speed. And the free video series addresses the first problem whether you keep your catalog handy or travel around and want to work with small catalogs on location.

Jardine makes it fun, too. And today it's even a better deal.

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