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28 August 2013

PictureCode has updated Photo Ninja, its $129 Raw image editor, to version 1.1.1 following its 1.1.0 release just two weeks ago. Highlights of the new release include:

  • Suppressed pink fringes around clipped/recovered specular highlights
  • Reduced incidence and/or severity of false highlight recovery colors in a number of cases
  • Refined behavior of the color recovery strength slider
  • More aggressive suppression of demosaicing color artifacts
  • Noise profiler made more robust to handle some difficult cases
  • Fixed some possible cases of maze artifacts in clipped highlight areas
  • Trim junk on right side of Sony RX1, RX1R, and NEX-7 images
  • For Nikon P7100, modify heurstistics for choosing black point
  • Parse ISO and white balance for some Kodak models (e.g. SLRn)
  • Parse camera white balance and lens data for Canon 6D

We made our first acquaintance with the software last year when it was launched and have continued to follow it. Supported cameras do not yet included the Canon 70D but the company has a standing off to review any unsupported Raw file you send it.

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