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14 October 2013

Isn't this an ambiguous image? Perfect for such an ambiguous holiday. A shadow falls on this golden gerbera just as highlights on its opposite petals are burned out by the light. It rests in nothing more than a Ball storage jar as a vase. And behind it, nicely blurred, are some pier pilings in the bay imitating a painting hanging on the wall.

Mission Rock. Nikon D200 with a 28-50mm Rexatar at f3.5, 1/350 second and ISO 200 with a 28mm focal length.

And to add to the ambiguity, this crop is just a slice of the vertical image we shot. A radical crop, you might say, just right for this holiday.

We shot it with a camera that was so popular on introduction it was impossible to acquire through normal channels. Using a lens no one has ever heard of. Digital discards, perhaps, the camera going for the price of a new digicam on eBay these days.

We cropped and tweaked the Raw image using Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 and sharpened it using the Smart Sharpen filter. We increased the Exposure, lightened the Highlights and deepened the Shadows, added some Vibrance and made our crop. We made a slight adjustment in Levels to the middle tones before using the Smart Sharpen filter after resizing.

That's how we spend our ambiguous holidays.

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