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22 October 2013

We took the Rogue Safari, here for review, on a little safari yesterday to see what it could do in the real world. And then we came across an out-of-this-world tree stump.

Fairy Door II. Nikon D300 at 54mm with f11 at 1/60 second and ISO 640. Safari flash extender with TTL metering. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw 8.2.

We broke a rule or two, as you have to do in the real world, but we lived happily ever after anyway.

If you happen to be wandering around Golden Gate Park and have already found the original fairy door, you might be wondering where this one is. All we can tell you is look behind the Japanese Tea Garden.


As we were shooting, quite a few people walked right by it completely unaware of it. And our bemused activity didn't arouse their curiosity either. But there were no children with any of them or surely they wouldn't have missed it.

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