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12 November 2013

On his Pint of Code blog, Thomas Verschoren has described an Automator action to move old images into a Dropbox folder where he can view them with an app on his iPad. The scheme mimicks Everpix's daily flashback feature, Verschoren said.

Everpix, an online photo site with 55,000 subscribers, recently announced it would be shutting down.


Verschoren's Automator action purges the _Flashback folder on his Dropbox account each morning at 6 a.m. using an iCal alarm before it copies images from his Dropbox Photos folder with an anniversary date up to 20 years old (which includes scans) to the empty _Flashback folder, renaming them with their original date.

To see the images on his iPad, Verschoren uses the $2.99 Unbound HD for Dropbox by Pixite where the _Flashback folder shows up at the top of his alphabetically ordered list of Events.

Verschoren has made the script available on his blog.


Dropbox, iCal, Automator, Unbound aren't the only pieces to the puzzle. Vershoren credits Federico Viticci's scheme for Moving From iPhoto To Dropbox to begin with.

Viticci tried Revel but preferred using Dropbox, in part because it displayed his images more quickly. He also relied on PhoShare and Phil Harvey's ExifTool to make the transition to the $99/year service.

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