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12 December 2013

Boinx Software has released Fotomagico 4.4, which the company calls "a major update" to its $99.99 slide show creation tool. The update focuses on "the underlying sytems" to improve the user experience with smoother transitions, better color accuracy and faster exports.

"This update to FotoMagico is not about fancy new features; it's about improving the platform and preparing for the future," states Oliver Breidenbach, Boinx Software CEO.

The Mavericks-compatible update moves the slide show movie format from QuickTime to Apple ProRes with an automatic update option when you open old presentations in the new Fotomagico. It also move to a 64-bit architecture.

We detailed our Fotomagico 4 experience last month in Fotomagicto To The Rescue. We've been working with the new version for a few days as well.

Boinx Releases FotoMagico 4.4

The most significant update to version 4 yet, Boinx Software gives slide show program major under-the-hood enhancements; vastly improves end-user experience

PUCHHEIM, Germany -- Boinx Software has just released a major update to its premier slide show creation tool, FotoMagico 4.4. The latest update brings considerable improvements to the underlying system, resulting in a markedly better user experience. Among many enhancements, FotoMagico 4.4 now features six-times faster export, better color accuracy, smoother transitions and much more.

"This update to FotoMagico is not about fancy new features; it's about improving the platform and preparing for the future," states Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. "This is the most significant update to version 4 yet. While you might not realize the changes at first glance, they won't go unnoticed once you dive into creating your slide show."


FotoMagico 4.4 includes:

  • Export has been completely overhauled to provide up to six-times faster export, better color accuracy and better quality for H.264 and Apple ProRes formats
  • FotoMagico 4.4 is compatible with OS X Mavericks
  • Modern 64-bit Architecture makes working with large slide shows with many slides and videos a breeze
  • Transition from QuickTime to AV Foundation improves video playback and enables smoother transitions between slides
  • Now supports legacy video formats via automatic conversion to modern formats
  • Use the "c" key during video playback to separate a video clip into multiple consecutive clips for easier video editing of long videos

Watch the FotoMagico 4.4 webinar and get an in-depth look at the latest update from the creator himself, Peter Baumgartner and Boinx Software's video expert, Bastian W lfle.

FotoMagico 4.4 Pricing and Availability

FotoMagico 4.4 is available now as a free update for existing v4 users or from the Boinx Web site for $99.99. It is pending approval in the Mac App Store and will be available shortly.

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