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24 May 2014

Earlier today, we implemented the State of California's voluntary tracking practices guidelines by publishing our tracking policy and reading your tracking preference.

Our Headlines page was therefore updated to read your tracking request preference. You can see whether you are requesting not to be tracked just under the date in the left column.

"Not Tracking" shows your preference is to not be tracked while "Tracking On" indicates you do not mind being tracked. This is your preference, not a setting on our site, so "Tracking On" does not in fact mean we are tracking you. We do not, in fact, track you, however your preference is set.

Clicking on that status line, whatever it says, will take you to our Tracking Policy.

We also updated our About page and our Subscribe page to more clearly highlight both our Tracking Policy and Privacy Policy.

Our general policy, as detailed there, is never to share your personal information. We do read your tracking preference now, in accordance with the guidelines.

For more information follow the policy links above.

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