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Enhancing the enjoyment of taking pictures with news that matters, features that entertain and images that delight. Published frequently.

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MIKE PASINI LAUNCHED Pasini's Photo Corners on 10 December 2012 to cover the evolving landscape of photography in his uniquely entertaining and educational way.

Topics of primary interest include the emerging mobile and cloud software industries; new photographic technologies like LED lighting; reviews of software, scanners, printers, specialty lenses and accessories; tutorials; the very occasional commentary; and news stories.

The site also publishes regular features like the Friday Slide Show and the Saturday Matinee. Mike also writes thoughtful obituaries of notable photographers.

And an almost daily item is his Around The Horn pieces which link to four items (at least) of interest from other sites.

In addition, Mike regularly discusses his own work, including the gear he uses and the software he relies on as well his thought processes as he creates an image that pleases him.

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IN COMPLIANCE WITH the Federal Trade Commission endorsement guides requirement, we are happy to explain that no editorial content on this site is paid for or influenced by any third party. All of our reviews -- whether we award four photo corners or none -- always reflect our honest opinion, findings, beliefs or experiences.

In addition, we do not engage in or conduct any business solicitation on behalf of any affiliate.

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Like any other Web site, your activity on the site is logged without your personal information. For example, we log search strings and IP addresses used in our full text search box. Logs tell us what stories are popular and help us identify problems. The information is not shared with any third party, except in our monthly wrap-up -- and that's only shared with you.

See also our Privacy Policy.

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Mike Pasini . . . . . . Editor & Publisher
Joyce Abbott . . . . . . Sponsorship Liaison

(Any article that does not have a byline has been written by the editor, Mike Pasini. Mike doesn't byline his own stories to save Internet ink. -- Editor)

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Photo by Gina Pasini

FROM 1999 TO 2012, Mike Pasini edited Imaging Resource's Digital Photography Newsletter, helping subscribers "get the picture" with tutorials, reviews, columns for beginners and pros, real-life adventures and free personal technical help.

He also reviewed cameras, scanners, printers, accessories and software for Imaging Resource and wrote Unix utilities and software to automate text and image processing on the site. His software also maintained product databases and included a Web application to collect information about lenses.

Previously he worked as a lithographer, photojournalist, magazine art director and programmer (assembly language, Pascal, dBASE, C, Perl) before becoming a technical editor covering digital photography.

Shorter than he appears in print, he has begun publishing this publication and inexpensive ebooks on photo topics.

There's a lot more about Mike on this site's home page. And he was interviewed by Mike Pach on The Photo Show in 2017:

To contact him, send an email by clicking on his name.

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The Photo Corners site was designed by Mike Pasini as a news publishing engine that could be run transparently by an individual. He has developed both the graphic design and the static content management system for the site. In his Site Tweaks columns, he describes ongoing feature developments like polls or the calendar page. To learn more about the design, see the Site Design page.

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