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1 April 2015

We've just updated the Archive with our March stories, completing Volume 4 Number 3 of Photo Corners. If we had printed it as a monthly magazine, it would have weighed in as big as Vogue.

We didn't surpass last month's 78 stories, but we did publish another 72 in March. That included 17 Features, 32 commented news items, 20 Editor's Notes (including 76 items of interest in our Around the Horn articles), two reviews and one Site Note.

That's a little less news, more features and more reviews. A better balance, in our view.

After publishing over 70 stories for two consecutive months, we want to stop right here
-- but not to catch our breath. We'd like to thank our renewing subscribers who are making this possible.

After publishing over 70 stories for two consecutive months, we want to stop right here -- but not to catch our breath. We'd like to thank our renewing subscribers who are making this possible.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORY was, at last, a review. Our review of Sync, the new utility from BitTorrent, barely beat out our leaders, the matinees. But those three matinees from earlier in the month followed right behind and the matinee from last Saturday has been zooming up the list, too.

We like to think our presentation of those Saturday matinees is the attraction but we're perfectly content to think the videos are, themselves, interesting. It lets us believe we're as good a curator as presenter.

Ocean Beach was our top slide show, tied with our story on the rare Imogene Cunningham images on exhibit at the Cornish College of the Arts.

The Dutch Windmill and The Gray City slide shows were also popular, with the Gray City climbing rapidly.

The news scored highly this month too with Around The Horn articles more popular than ever. But we knew they'd catch on.

These tallies always short change the most recent stories, which just haven't been up long enough for most of our readers to enjoy. So don't miss yesterday's The Best Kind of Camera, even if it's only gotten a third as many hits as our most popular story because it hasn't been up 24 hours yet and it is what we do best.

READERSHIP increased 117 percent over February, registering our highest number of unique sites ever. We attribute that simply to word of mouth.

We're pleased to see that after knocking off the badly behaved bots to get more realistic readership numbers, we've actually surpassed even those marks in visits and pages. We're serving slightly fewer files because we've optimized out some images in favor of colored text characters. So that doesn't bother us at all.

Please do continue to spread the word if you enjoy what we're doing. And we promise to keep doing it.

SITE TWEAKS were hardly worth mentioning. But we can't help ourselves.

We moved the close target on our Search box so it was easier to see. You don't have to use it if you actually search for something but it was a little cramped in the wrong corner before.

Behind the scenes we're experimenting with a few new things.

We've never published a byline simply because there's only one author around here. But we think a content management system should be able to handle bylines, so we added that to ours. Who knows, we may branch out.

We've also experimented with some new kinds of content but nothing is ready to come out of the oven yet.

And we whiled away one evening rewriting our copy editing filter to make it easier to add more of the UTF-8 text we're seeing. Image processing and text processing are two of our developer strengths. So we've made it a little easier to pitch us with your software needs, too, with a new request form.

We continue to add macros to our collection of Keyboard Maestro tricks, making our text entry more and more efficient. With our affiliate link, you can get 20 percent off yourself and enjoy this remarkably useful tool.

We have no idea (well, maybe a little one under NDA) what April will bring. So stay tuned!

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