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29 July 2015

When we published our shot of the summit a couple of days ago, we knew we weren't done with the subject. We took a few shots from different angles that day and while the crowd was amusing, it wasn't the whole show.

In fact, what struck us that day on Twin Peaks was the clouds. We took a few shots that had nothing but clouds in them, actually. Layers of clouds. And they're pretty easy to process in post, too. Not a lot going on there but highlights and the blue sky (deepened by our polarizing filter).

But the crowd and the clouds together and you have, well, this.

The bump of the summit, just a hint to suggest it stands alone, like the tip of some iceberg, the survivors huddling together and clinging to it for salvation. With the swirl of the clouds dancing in the deep blue of the sky above them.

The dreamers and their dream.

The crowd at the top is indeed huddled together but not for salvation. They're just trying to get a photo from the highest vantage point. But we couldn't have posed them better if they were all models taking direction from us.

Now just to run this into the ground, imagine this vertical image along with the horizontal image from a couple of days ago.

Well, you don't have to imagine it. We can show it to you:

Quite different perspectives, no?

Sort of like looking at the commute backup from a Webcam and being able to hear what's playing on some of the car stereos. Seeing, that is, the big picture and the little picture at the same time.

We can't say we were thinking about much of anything except catching our breath when we took the images.

But afterwards, as we looked at them, we saw different things in them. And these radical crops of our captured images brought out what we saw.

This is really an exercise in composition. In the camera to start with, where we took horizontal and vertical shots, and on the computer, where we cropped those images into statements.

See what we mean?

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