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23 November 2015

It was getting a little chilly in the bunker this afternoon so we climbed up to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. But before we could find our empty cup, we saw billowing clouds passing south on the Pacific.

And they were moving fast.

So we clambered back downstairs to grab a camera and ran back up checking our ISO, aperture and shutter speed. By the time we returned to the window, things had developed a bit further.

We could see a break in the clouds between the Eucalyptus trees on the right side so we waited for it to move south. The sun was somewhere behind them, casting its rays through the clouds to Ocean Beach.

We took our normal horizontal shots of the scene but then we wanted to both zoom closer and still see the blue sky at the top of the image. So we switched to portrait orientation to take this shot.

Exposure settings were f8.0, 1/500s and ISO 200. The DNG conversion was processed in Camera Raw 9.2 (whose About box notes, "In memory of our friend Uwe Steinmueller").

It's not the only storm we weathered today. We finally got to the bottom of our RTCommon.db issue, resolving it by reinstalling the operating system (something we haven't had to do in a long time).

And there you have it. Now, about that cup of coffee....

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