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1 December 2015

We're pleased to announce we've just archived Volume 4 Number 11, the November edition of Photo Corners. That completes three years or 36 issues of this daily publication.

Care to guess how many stories we've published? It's now over 2,071.

November's count included 16 Features, 25 commented news stories, 22 Editor's Notes (which included over 80 items of interest), one review and three site notes. That's 67 stories.

READERSHIP again grew significantly. We seem to say that every month lately. But this month we thought we'd provide a graph showing you that growth in both Pages Served and Unique Site Visitors.

In November, we averaged nearly 19,000 pages served a day. You can read that as stories read. Our unique site vistors averaged over 1,100 a day. Good healthy numbers in this sector.

The chart above graphs the total pages served and unique site visitors for the last several months (right after we killed a bot that was inflating our numbers). It shows a significant -- and genuine -- increase in our readership this fall.

We like to think that's indicative not of any one thing (like our unique features, our Friday slide shows or our interesting Saturday morning matinees) but of our editorial mix. We bring you the news that matters in addition to our specials.

If you're a new reader, we welcome you to our publication. And, as always, if you've been with us before, we remain grateful for your company.

And we also point you to worthwhile reads at other sites, which is an uncommon virtue in this game. It does occasionally happen elsewhere, yes, but we do it every day to save you a little time.

If you're a new reader, we welcome you to our publication. And, as always, if you've been with us before, we just as glad to see you today as we were the first time you visited.

SITE TWEAKS last month included our gift card affiliate links. We think there's a bit more to both than meets the eye.

Most affiliate links require you to make a specific purchase, usually for yourself. But a gift card lets you support us without being specific. And it cuts a third party in on the deal, too.

Those are dimensions the usual affiliate link doesn't deliver.

We also introduced a calendar of important photographic exhibitions across the country. And it's interactive, so you can sort the listing by opening or closing dates or location or title. The database is a simple XML file manipulated by asynchronous JavaScript. Kind of makes you wish all event calendars were like that.

And we added another subscriber benefit with our HTML video kit, which provides everything you need to build a Web page with a video carousel except the videos.

Now back to work!

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