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1 June 2016

We've just indexed Volume 5, Number 5 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 13 Features, 27 commented news stories, 25 Editor's Notes (which included over 96 items of interest), three reviews and two site notes for a total of 70 stories. Consider it your table of contents for the May issue.

CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT from that count is the rest of our OpticFilm 135 review, which has uncovered yet another curious (if minor) issue we're pursuing with Plustek.

And, although it isn't obvious, we've also spent quite a bit of time chasing down some software issues with the Mac driver for the DNP DS620 and a connectivity issue with the WPS-1 wireless print server.

Those two review projects pushed almost everything else back, particularly some exciting hardware and software products that deserve our full attention. But it seems like the less we publish, the busier we are.

News stories slipped under 30 in May, which included one more than we wanted.

NEWS STORIES slipped under 30 in May, which included one more than we wanted. That was the loss of Michael Reichmann. We normally publish a full obituary but decided to hold off in this case until the memorial. Meanwhile we did publish the news and for the following Saturday matinee, his introduction to the Luminance Endowment, which along with his gorgeous images is his generous legacy to all of us.

Very much alive, we're glad to report, is Charlie Cramer, who wrote to thank us for our matinee featuring his fine art prints.

READERSHIP numbers for the month are not yet complete but our best estimate is that they will show another increase from last month in both unique sites and visits. That's the direction we want to go, certainly, and -- as always -- we thank you for dropping by.

We don't publish many comments here, treating them more like letters to the editor, but don't be shy. We're happy to hear from you and always respond. If the subject interests anybody else, we are pleased to publish the exchange for everyone's benefit.

WE DID UPDATE our Copyrighter Pro software, a subscriber benefit, with a helpful tweak we've used a few times ourselves.

And we spent a few late nights optimizing our Keyboard Maestro palettes, which really make it easy for us to format our stories. We even added an affiliate link for the product so you can grab a copy at a 20 percent discount. You'll be forever grateful to us.

For those interested in how we actually produce this publication, we've outlined the design and production details in a Site Design page. Perl, AppleScript, Keyboard Maestro and a few other things all play a part in making the production process transparent here. All we have to do is take photos and write copy.

Which should see us through any June swoon.

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