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30 August 2016

Every day ends. This one isn't quite as pretty as our Day's End in January 2015 but it has a moral. And stories that end with a moral are easier to remember.

Recycle. The city, a blur of bokeh, always looks like a finished product from a distance. But it's really constantly evolving, the old recycled into the new.

We hiked up Twin Peaks earlier this week, bringing a Canon Rebel XTi with us. We realized we'd been neglecting the Rebel, so we were making amends. We gave the battery a fresh charge (not that it needed it, being one of the longest lasting batteries we've every used) and slung it over our shoulder. It's so light, we barely noticed it.

It was a great hike with lots of intriguing possibilities we had not expected to find. We took 51 shots and even spent a while stalking a red-tailed hawk.

Modern software can greatly improve an old camera's captures.

Nobody bothers you when you're walking around with a Rebel.

In the evening, we imported our Raw files, converted into DNGs, into Lightroom and went through them. Ugh.

We'd forgotten the reason we leave the Rebel behind is that it can't meter light. It's way off. Way under, way over, just a few on the money.

But the beauty of capturing Raw files is that you can fix things like that. So we spent half the night doing just that, optimizing 51 files.

Modern software can greatly improve an old camera's captures. Fortunately.

This version was done in Lightroom. We did one in Capture One 9, too, but we're still getting our feet wet with that and while we did just fine, we preferred this version.

Moral: The day may end but the work goes on.

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