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1 October 2016

We have survived September to report that Volume 5 Number 9 of Photo Corners has been archived. It wasn't hard to make it to October so we were surprised to see we exceeded our previous high with 98 stories of which 16 were Features, 51 were News items (Photokina contributing heavily), with 25 Editor's Notes (including over 96 items of interest), four Reviews and two Site Notes.

You'd think we could have invented two more to make it an even hundred. But that's not our style.

In fact, we wonder if the volume of information doesn't detract from the conveyance of that information. Certainly something like the Photokina trade fair which accounted for 12 individual reports with multiple items (don't ask) peaks interest, even if there wasn't much news to report. But we exceeded our averages in Features and Reviews, too.

And we still have lots of half-finished reviews to wrap up.

READERSHIP stats are our only way of reliably evaluating whether we are doing our job well or not. Our latest figures as we write this are not complete for the month but based on the current totals and the current daily averages, we expect to easily exceed last month's record unique sites.

About three-quarters of the stories we publish are widely read by our audience and next to nothing is neglected.

With so much going on this month, though, you didn't have to visit as often to get the news. And if you follow the site using our RSS feed, you don't even have to visit the site. We try to make it work for you not anybody else.

OUR TOP STORY this month set a record, too. It was our review of the Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13. We'd acknowledge Peak Design's tweet but they only quoted two lines from the review <g>. Still it was enough to generate four times the hits of our runner-ups.

Those were news stories on the Meyer-Optik Primoplan 75, the Powereye and the Edward Curtis print auction. A retro lens, a video drone and a vintage print. Quite a range of interests.

But what really pleases us is to see our matinees continue to score at the top of the list. And you aren't letting them stack up, either. All four were in the same neighborhood. So as soon as we post them, you view them.

About three-quarters of the stories we publish are widely read by our audience and next to nothing is neglected. The least interesting story of the month, for example, was about the Leica M-P Titanium and even that got a lot of hits.

LAST MONTH we promised more reviews and we delivered a few but only about half what we expected to do. News coverage takes a lot of time and a busy news month makes it very difficult to work on stories like reviews that take a lot of resources and long, uninterrupted sessions to do fairly.

Still we managed to finish the Peak Design bag review and two book reviews as well as a rather extensive report on the Anthony Hernandez retrospective at SFMOMA.

We can promise you more reviews this month and a bit earlier in the month, too.

SITE TWEAKS were focused on evolving changes to our new indices scheme. We added thumbnails to the obits and we added a section for Site Notes to the Features index.

We really like the new indices. It's a big improvement, allowing newcomers to more easily see what we've published since 2012.

NOTHING EVER QUITE stays the same. The trick is to improve as you change. And, as always, we rely on you to steer us in the right direction. So as Photo Corners continues to develop into a better publication, it's you we have to thank.

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